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assisting clients in the registration of local and international 
                patents, trademarks, industrial designs, and copyrights. 

Our aim is to provide our local and international clients with the best service, suited to their particular needs. We pride ourselves on the success of our clients, which can sometimes hinge on the successful protection of their intellectual property.

Intellectual property refers to a class of intangible assets the value of which, in some industries, often surpasses that of a company’s bricks and mortar assets. Irrespective of your type of business, it is most likely that your business has generated intellectual property of value through the creativity of the individuals in the business. These may include databases, standard operating procedure manuals, or an invention. It is of utmost importance for individuals and businesses alike to take steps to protect their intellectual property and then to exploit the commercial and strategic value of the intellectual property. If these forms of intellectual property meet certain requirements, they will be eligible for protection and hence may contribute to an even greater extent to helping you or your company grow. 

Once the intellectual property of a business has been identified, it is possible to take steps to protect it, whether by means of registered forms of intellectual property protection such as patents, trademarks, registered designs, or unregistered forms of intellectual property protection, such as copyright, contractual agreements or non-statutory forms of protection.

Niletechna is your first step in the process of developing or acquiring, protecting, and then exploiting your intellectual property.