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A domain name is an Internet address - it identifies a computer site on the Internet in a similar way to the way in which a telephone number identifies a telephone line in a global telephone system. 

The Sudan Internet Society (SIS) is the local registry for the Top Level Domain Name and the Second Level Domain Name.

Top Level Domain Name (TLD):


is used for Companies, Organizations or Individuals. This can be directly registered
The Second Level Domain Name available under .sd includes:
.com.sd: For Companies. It can be directly registered.
.net.sd: Network Providers, ISP. It can be directly registered.
.tv.sd:  Media. It can be directly registered.
.info.sd: Newspaper, information & media. It can be directly registered.
.org.sd:  Sudanese NGOs. The Organization must be registered officially in Sudan
.edu.sd:  Sudanese Universities and Colleges. We need a certificate from Ministry of Education
.med.sd: Sudanese Medical Uses. We need a Certificate from Ministry of Health.
.gov.sd: Sudanese Government and Ministries. We need a certificate from Ministry of Information

Requirements for the Domain Name to be effective:
1. Filling of the Prescribed form.
2. Payment of the prescribed fees.
3. Supplying of the appropriate Certificates if needed. 

Renewal of the Domain Name:
1. The Domain Name will be valid for one year starting from the 
    effective date. 
2. The renewal fee must be paid within 30 (thirty) days of the effective 

Domain Names are registered on a "first come, first served" basis. All requests are served on equal basis.

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