We provide services in preparing, filing, prosecuting patent application in the country and overseas as well as the PCT patent applications, conducting patent searches, and providing advises and litigation services relating to patent infringements


Patents Application

• Three copies of the complete specification, Claims and Abstract,
• Power of Attorney (notarized),
• Certificate of incorporation of applicant; if not in Arabic or English, a true translation thereof should be provided; duly legalized up to the Sudanese Consulate,
• Title of the invention and Abstract in Arabic,
• Certified copy of priority document in Arabic or English, if any.

Patents (PCT) Application

• Power of Attorney (notarized),
• Three copies of specification, claims and Abstract,
• Copy of international Preliminary Examination Report,
• Copy of International Search Report,
• Copy of PCT Advertisement,
• Abstract in Arabic,
• Three sets of Formal Drawing, if any,
• Written opinion,
• Any additional documents, if any,